We have just finished production of ” The Sir Joseph Whitworth Design” ┬áProduced in Mandale, Derbyshire fire surround with Blue John Inlay. We have just installed this stunning fire surround at Barringtons in Darley Dale, Matlock http://www.barringtonspub.co.uk/

The main part of the fire surround is made from our light grey bed. The back panel is made from our darkest bed which we call Dukes black. The two complement each other in the surround. The inlay is made with Blue John, this is Britain`s rarest mineral, it was first discovered at Castleton by the Romans almost 2000 years ago. And are the world’s only known deposits of this extremely rare and beautiful stone.

During excavations at Pompeii two vases of Blue John Stone were supposedly unearthed, evidence therefore that the Romans not only discovered the stone but also appreciated it for its ornamental value.

The Blue John Cavern is home to 8 of the 14 known veins of this beautiful mineral.